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Introduction and Request


I've started watching The Tudors about a month ago (yes I know, a shame) and watched every episode at least twice. I have been writing for a while in the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom but it's more than time for a change. I have never written anything for The Tudors before and thought I'd just ask here what you guys would like to read and I'll write it for you. I'll take any pairings, any rating and even embrace a specific topic if you would like. Only thing I will not write is incest, just saying it right away.

I'm not claiming I'm a good writer or what I write will be something you'll like, but I want to get my muses going and have quite a lot of time at hand :)

So if you'd like a request writing, please a comment here or message me. The things I need are what Pairing you'd like and what rating. Would be great if you'd give me a plot line or a direction you'd like it to go.

If this is not allowed, I'll delete it right away.
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