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The Shadows of Our Former Selves - KoA/HVIII

Title: The Shadows of Our Former Selves
Author: themirrorofsin
Character(s): Catherine of Aragon & King Henry VIII
Words: 1,710
Genre(s): Romance/Angst
Rating:  T (slight sexual situation)
Summary: "One day, we can be them again," Henry smiled at her and she made a small smile back believing him.
Notes: Two scenes set before The Tudors and no mentions of Anne (in case any fans might think she's going to appear) just Henry and Katherine. First part takes place a month after their marriage and coronation. Second half is a year after the Sack of Rome and part of The King's Great Matter. This is not based on any actual historical event that happened between them - just something I made up in my head.

The Shadows of Our Former Selves @absinthe_fey 

The Shadows of Our Former Selves
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